Thursday, May 17, 2018

Birdhouse Designs Tips

Adding a birdhouse to your garden or backyard allows you to create a safe haven for your little flying guests. It is a chance to give it back to nature by offering shelter and protection to birds that are always in danger because we mess with their natural habitat.
Coming up with the most practical design is not difficult. As a matter of fact, birdhouses are not very difficult to build. You can go for a simple box design or you can consider something more complicated.

Nevertheless, there are some easy tips that will help you come up with the best birdhouse designs.

Understand What Attracts Birds to the Birdhouse:

What you think is attractive might not be so desirable from a bird’s point of view. Just like humans who think about the flooring, kitchen size and bathrooms available before purchasing a house, birds will also consider special features that will make a house more attractive:

Entrance Hole Size:

This will determine the type of birds that might find your birdhouse suitable. You need to make a research about the species of birds that live in your neighborhood. Pick a hole size that will allow one adult bird to get into the birdhouse with no problem.
A hole that is too big might be a hazard. It might let bigger birds inside which could harm the little birds or they might fall off the birdhouse. If the hole is too small, the birds might get stuck inside the birdhouse or they might not use it in the first place.

Size and Height of the birdhouse:

The size of the empty cavity inside the birdhouse should be suitable for the size of 2 adult birds and for their little fledglings. If the birdhouse is too small, birds will not consider it comfortable enough and it might not be safe to keep their little chicks. Birdhouses should be placed at the optimum height for birds to get inside. For example, if you want bigger birds like ducks to nest in your birdhouse you might want to place your birdhouse lower or even at ground level.

House Location:

You need to strategically position your birdhouse at a safe distance from plants. If it is too close, some predators might use nearby plants to ambush the parents or the little chicks. At the same time, it should be close enough to plants so that parent birds can safely find food. Place your birdhouse so that the opening doesn’t face direct sunlight or strong winds. This will provide better protection to the little chicks. Partial shade is a good idea to keep the birdhouse cool. You can also use an overhang to provide more protection from sunlight.

An overhanging roof is also a good idea to provide better protection from the rain. You should also angle your birdhouse so that rain doesn’t get through the ventilation holes as this might hurt the little chicks. Following these easy and practical tips will make your design more successful. Building a birdhouse is not such a challenging task if you know what to look out for.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Best Birdhouse Ideas

Bird lovers enjoy building birdhouses to watch the birds laying eggs and the fledglings growing and playing. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with nature. But in order to make sure that your birdhouse is welcoming and appropriate, you need to build it right. In this article, we highlight some of the most interesting birdhouse ideas that you can simply execute on your own.

Simple Design:

The simplest birdhouse design would resemble a box. This should have a front opening with extra holes for drainage and ventilation. The front opening’s size is a huge factor that your birds will consider before picking your birdhouse. Most birds will only pick a birdhouse with an opening that will allow one bird at a time. This will ensure that bigger birds will not attack the eggs or the fledglings.

House Design:

This is one of the most popular designs that people use. People usually build a birdhouse that resembles a human house, provided that it has a suitable opening at the front side. Most houses will also feature a backdoor or opening. This will come in handy when you are trying to clean the house or take a closer look at the eggs or the fledglings.

Most birdhouses of this kind will feature a sloped roof and a recessed floor that doesn’t allow predators to stand next to the house. This design should also feature holes for ventilation and drainage. The young chicks need to have access to fresh air without having to leave the birdhouse when they are still weak and unable to fly. The drainage holes will keep the birdhouse clean, dry and healthy.

Ventilation holes should be strategically placed on the upper sides of the walls. This will help with air circulation and will prevent heat buildup that might suffocate the young chicks. Avoid drilling ventilation holes in the roof of the house as they may lead to leaks in case of rain. In that case, the young birds might drown.

Complex Designs:

It is a good idea to choose natural colors that will blend in with the background environment. Most birds will prefer these birdhouses because they feel like home. You can decorate the house using natural colors and materials to keep it looking attractive without jeopardizing its efficiency.

But you don’t have to stick to something ordinary. The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative with your design. You can choose to customize your birdhouse the way you want to, so that it matches the overall decoration of your garden or backyard. You can add ornaments, plants and even graffiti designs to make your birdhouse stand out.

Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your birdhouse idea is practical, safe and will not harm your birds. Stay away from chemicals and poisonous paints if your birds have already laid eggs inside the house. Make sure that your paint has completely dried off before set up. It is also advisable to stay away from sharp objects that might hurt the birds or their baby chicks.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Birdhouses

A birdhouse is a great addition to your garden or backyard. This is a great idea to preserve the population of birds in a certain area and will also make your garden a birds-friendly space. Birdhouses were invented in the 19th century to protect birdlife and wildlife. But now, people use them to make their gardens more attractive. The original ones were usually made of wood. These are still used by most people. Some people also mix wood with concrete or use metal to build their birdhouses.

Why Should You Build Your Own Bird House?

A birdhouse will give you the chance to watch birds. If 2 birds choose your birdhouse to make it their home, then you are in for an extremely rewarding experience. Once the birds are comfortable, they will lay eggs and raise their babies in your birdhouse. It will be a great chance to teach your kids something about animals, life, and compassion.

Not all birds will use birdhouses. Some birds will not be able to use your birdhouse no matter how attractive you think it is. But a lot of species will feel extremely thankful that you’ve made a special place for them to rest and protect their babies.

General Construction of Birdhouses:

Most birdhouses are made of untreated wood. This is extremely safe and suitable for birds and they will feel comfortable to use. A birdhouse should have a sloped roof and a recessed floor. It is very important to make sure that it has enough holes for ventilation and drainage. These will keep the birdhouse clean and healthy for the birds to use. There should also be an anterior opening that you can easily access to clean the insides of the birdhouse every now and then.

You can either go for a simple design or get creative. Some complex designs will resemble human homes, feature decorations or paintings. A lot of wildlife lovers also install small cameras to watch the activity inside the birdhouse.

The opening front of the birdhouse is the main factor that the birds will consider before nesting in. Most birds will choose a house with an opening only big enough to let one adult bird in. This will prevent other and bigger birds from raiding the birdhouse, eating the eggs or harming the babies. The overall size of the birdhouse will also influence certain species to consider it as their new home. A very small box will be more attractive to smaller species like treecreepers while big birdhouses might attract bigger birds like owls or ducks.

Some species will prefer woodcrete, a mixture made of concrete and wood while other prefer wooden birdhouses. Woodcrete makes the birdhouse warmer. Ducks might prefer their birdhouses to be low or even at ground level, while birds of prey prefer their houses placed at optimum height.

It is very important to keep an eye on the birdhouse and clean it after your birds have flown away. Make sure that you remove all old nest material to keep it ready for the new guests and a new experience.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

What are Lawn Ornaments?

Adding ornaments is an interesting choice to make your lawn more attractive and special. A lot of people love to add ornaments in order to make a statement, express their personal choices and their passion.

Adding lawn or garden ornaments in general, is a matter of personal choice. There are numerous options that solely depend on your lifestyle and your hobbies. You can add lawn ornaments that are directly related to your personal or religious beliefs, your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests. In this article, we talk about the most popular lawn ornaments categories and choices.

Animal Forms:

Most people love to add animal forms to their lawns because they are fun and directly related to nature. Frogs, cats, dogs, squirrels, ducks, rabbits and turtles are among the most popular ones. These statues are usually made of cement and can be white or colored according to choice. You can add a statue of the animal that you feel most connected to or give a tribute to your old pet that passed away. A life-size replica of a flamingo is also a popular choice. This is usually colored in white and pink and looks just like the real bird.
Some people prefer plastic because it is easier to clean, while others can pick metal statues since they tend to last longer.

Religious Figures:

If you are a religious or spiritual person, then your lawn could be a chance to express your beliefs, and faith. A lot of people love to add angel statues because they bring a sense of serenity, protection and faith. These are usually kept white to emphasize the feeling of innocence these statues bring.

Statues of Jesus and Mary are also very popular among people who are looking to add something special to their lawns. These statues can be thrust into the ground to keep them stable or can be a part of a bathtub. This is usually half buried under the ground so that it doesn’t fall off.
Bird Bath or Feeder: If you love birds then your lawn could be your opportunity to welcome them into your home. A birdbath holds water so that birds can drink or bathe. It is especially very useful in the summer and will make your lawn an excellent spot for birds. This is usually attached to a pedestal that is buried under the ground.

A bird feeder holds food for your uninvited guests. It could be mounted on a stake or a post. It is very important to clean your feeder and bath frequently as they tend to get dirty over time.

Windmills and Spinners:

Windmills and spinners don’t just look great but they also move as the wind blows. Windmills can be built in various sizes and are usually made of wood. People sometimes go for the traditional American aero motor design which features 8 metal vanes, while others prefer

Spinners are usually made in the shape of flowers. The petals move with the wind and spin in the air. Some spinners are made to resemble insects with the wings flying.

If you are planning to add a lawn ornament, you have a bunch of different choices to consider. All you have to do is to think about what you like the most and pick an ornament that you feel comfortable with.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Outdoor Fence Décor Ideas

Are you looking for something special to add to your garden? Your outdoor fence shouldn’t look boring and ordinary. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of incredible ideas that can help you make a statement by decorating your outdoor fence.

If you are not satisfied with the good old wood or the greenery growing on your outdoor fence, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will highlight some of the most innovative ideas that can help you make your fence look special and unique.

Recycled Dragonflies:

You can hang your very own DIY dragonfly to your wooden fence. All you need is to recycle some of the old furniture you have. The body of the dragonfly can be made of a leg of an old table or wooden chair. The wings could be parts of old ceiling fans. Just add two to each side of the body to create the design.

You can keep the original color of the wood or plan this ahead as a family summer project. Your children will have so much fun creating and customizing their dragonflies. After the wood is cleaned, painted and left to dry, you can secure your bugs to the wooden fence. These will look great and will last for a long time. Don’t forget to add some antennas using your favorite paint.

Hanging Baskets:

Add some life to your old wooden fence. Hanging baskets and filling them with flowers will make your old wooden fence look new and full of life. You can get your own wooden baskets, fill them with soil and make sure that there are holes in the bottom to let the excess water out. Add your favorite flowers to make your fence look beautiful.

You can also keep some baskets for your culinary herbs. Basil, coriander, and parsley will look great and you can always have them fresh whenever you need to add them to your meals.

Create your Graffiti Art Exhibition:

This is not just a chance to renew your outdoor fence but an opportunity to encourage your kids to get creative. Your wooden fence can be a graffiti ar display for all the family members. Summertime can be boring if kids have nothing interesting to do. You can ask your kids to transform the old wooden fence or even other outdoor benches nearby to a work of art.

All you have to do is to make sure that the wood is clean and ready to be painted. You can help by creating the outline of the design and let your kids color it the way they want to. You can divide it into different sections for a summer contest as kids compete to express themselves. Keep this forever or till next summer when kids are ready to commit to a new project.

The list of creative ideas goes on and on. If you have the right materials and the time, there is nothing that could stop you from transforming your old outdoor fence into something special and unique.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The 4 Hottest Solar Garden Décor Ideas

Environmental additions to the house are all the rage right now. With so many people caring about the planet and trying to reduce their reliance on unsustainable energy, why not add solar power to your garden? There are tons of ways to add décor to your garden and embrace solar power at the same time.

Hanging lanterns around the garden creates a romantic and calming atmosphere.

The only problem is turning them on every night, especially if you have a large yard and would have to walk for a while to get to the back. With solar panels, the lanterns are storing energy from the sun all day when it’s out. Then, at night when it’s dark, that stored energy powers the lanterns and creates light. No need to go turn any of them on or walk to the back of the yard, the natural process of solar panels storing sunlight takes care of that for you.

Water fountains.

Depending on your style, adding exquisite water fountains to your garden adds a classy and high-end vibe to your yard. Now, you can get water fountains that are completely solar powered and don’t require any function from you. For example, some solar-powered fountains don’t need any electrical plugs or dug up water reservoirs. The fountain recycles its own water by running over a design element (like 2 baby cherubs pouring water on a flower), to sitting in the tub section, then being forced back up to the spout. Solar energy is stored and used all day to direct the water.

Garden Figures.

There are hundreds of different animals and characters that we place in our gardens for personal style. Some common examples are little fairy statutes, birds, or frogs. One way to spruce up those cute little faces is to have them light up at night. Through tiny solar panels, the figures collect and store energy from the sun all day. Then, at night that energy is used to light up the figure. There’s nothing like a garden full of dazzling fairies at night to add some mystic and enchantment to your yard.

Fairy Lights.

Speaking of lighting up fairies, why not hang a string of sparkly fairy lights around the patio? Perfect for evening dinner parties or just some night caps with your friends, string lights make your patio look magical and welcoming. By using solar-powered lights, you aren’t restricted to hanging them near a wall plug on the side of the house. You can put them anywhere in your yard as long as they have access to the sun during the day.

Using solar-powered décor in your yard is an environmentally friendly and super chic way to add style to your backyard. Not only do you not having to worry about turning the décor on and off, it won’t affect your energy bills. Whether it’s through hanging lights and lanterns, garden statues, or water fountains, solar décor will illuminate the magic and stylish design of your garden.


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Thursday, April 5, 2018

4 Gorgeous Fence Decor Ideas

Most suburban houses have a fenced backyard, effectively turning your beautiful yard into a box. For those who care about home décor and curb appeal, fences are a wasted space and an eyesore. What if you could transform those wooden or chain link walls into works of art? We’ve compiled a list of the 4 best, most chic and trendy ideas for your outdoor fence décor.

For the more eclectic and quirky sense of style, mirrors add the best hint of intrigue and uniqueness to your yard.

We’ve seen it done in a minimalist way; small, square mirrors placed on the every-other panel of wood in the fence creating a simple pattern. We’ve seen them leaning against the fence but sitting on the ground; giant antique framed mirrors in varying shapes. Another way to incorporate mirrors is to hang them on the fence that surrounds the seating area. Similar to a restaurant’s outdoor patio, mirrors make space look bigger and give guests a chance to check their teeth for food.

Metal art installations.

If you go to the closest flea market or antique roadshow, you’ll likely find a wide array of metal art pieces. These can range from giant metal suns with faces to “who knows what it is” metal designs that simply look cool. Using unique, one of a kind metal art is an interesting way to bring creativity to your yard but also embrace the outdoor atmosphere. Metal is used everywhere outdoors, from garden tools to the barbeque. Turn the everyday use of metal in the yard into works of art on your fence.

The use of outdoor fabrics in your outdoor space can take the atmosphere from campfire to sultan’s tent.

All you have to do is add some hooks along the top of the fence and then cut small holes in the top of the fabric (many outdoor fabrics come with holes already) to hang from the hooks. You can make it as flowy or taught as you want for your décor. We love when a fabric is hung loose and flowy on the fence behind a seating area. It makes the setup more romantic, chic, and trendy. Plus outdoor fabric is waterproof.

As simple as it, painting the fence changes the look of your backyard completely.

Depending on your budget, you may not have sprung for the most luxurious wood option. However, sand the wood; add some stain or a coat of paint and the yard is transformed. Unfortunately, the effect of paint isn’t quite the same on chain-linked fences.

The fence in your yard is essentially an oyster of design possibilities. Use the 4 ideas above, or do more research in your neighborhood for ideas that look great. Consider the style of houses in your neighborhood, the size and width of the fence, and if it’s made from wood or chain. There are so many ways to take your yard from “blah” to gorgeous, just add some décor to the fences.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Choosing Decorative Statues for Home

If you are someone who takes great joy in designing their own home then you will most likely have thought about the different things you can do to mix things up a bit. That being said, you can never go wrong with bringing in a new piece of art to your space. Not only can it provide your home with a new and distinctive focal point, a subtle addition in the form of a decorative sculpture can also go a long way in terms of creating a more cohesive feeling.

This article provides readers with a simple guide to choosing decorative statues for home.  After all, when it comes to pieces of art like these, there is simply too much to consider. For instance, you will need to take into consideration the size, style, and the like. With this handy guide, you will have no trouble choosing one that best fits with your home’s aesthetic.


Creating a harmonious environment wherein the different elements come together seamlessly is the designer’s ultimate goal and it should be yours as well. That being said, the design of the statue is vital as you will need it to fit in well with the rest of your home. For instance, if your home sports a modern aesthetic or if it is leaning towards contemporary design then you must ensure that your sculpture does not stick out like a sore thumb.


Most people seem to be unaware of the fact they have a wide array of choices when it comes to materials for statues. There is certainly no shortage of materials to choose from. For instance, some of the most popular statues are made from a special kind of concrete commonly known as cultured stone. It is an extremely versatile material made from a mixture of lightweight natural aggregates, iron oxide pigments, and cement.

Alternatively, homeowners can always opt for statues made from marble and stone. Often drawing inspiration from classical works, statues made from this type of material are known to possess a timeless beauty. Needless to say, these sculptures will demand a significant investment on your part as they can be a bit expensive, so make sure to give yourself enough time to think about it. Of course, sculptures made from marble have been known to stand the test of time, so they are surely worth it.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also consider choosing a statue made out of wood. Compared to the bold statement pieces often associated with the previous materials, wooden sculptures are often considered as visual accents, providing your space with a subtle hint of beauty that can go a long way.


Sculptures will inevitably demand a bit of maintenance work from time to time. The amount of work you will need to put in will depend primarily on the characteristics of the piece itself. So, make sure to always have this in mind as well.

This article presents readers with a simple guide to choosing decorative statues for their homes. Hopefully, this will simplify things a bit for you.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

3 Great Garden Decor Ideas

Making your own garden is perhaps the best way to make use of your home’s outdoor spaces. It not only gives you something to occupy your leisure time, it also provides you with an effective way to further express your personality and design sensibilities.

Needless to say, coming up with garden decor plan is an engaging way to have fun with the space available to you. The possibilities are essentially endless. Of course, that can be intimidating in its own right as most people would have no idea where to begin. Luckily, we have you covered in this regard.

This article presents readers with a couple of garden decor ideas that you can try yourself. These are extremely simple and demand little to no effort.

Highlight Your Plant Collection

This may seem obvious enough yet it is something that many gardeners forget. A common mistake most people make is that they get overwhelmed by the secondary elements that they forget its essential elements. Do not forget that your plants the star of the show here.

There are a number of different ways to do this. For instance, you can make use of you can make full use of pots and planters which stand out from the rest. Additionally, you can also play with their leveling. For this purpose, you can make use of pedestals so that you can arrange your plants accordingly. Whichever trick you choose, keep in mind that the main goal is to effectively draw people’s eyes to the specific plants in your garden.

Make the Most of Your Lighting

Gardens look great enough in the middle of a bright sunny day. However, with the right garden lighting choice, they achieve a delicate and unsettling beauty come nightfall. After all, it is certainly no secret that any landscape can become romantic after dark. The glow of the moon has a special property to it that can transform even the most mundane location.

It is vital that you make the most of this effect and build upon it. It shouldn’t be too hard as a couple of well-placed electric lights should be enough to do the trick. For instance, you can install some spotlights and breathe new life to the trees in your garden. You can also set up in a way so that the garden’s paths become illuminated.

Choose Your Ornaments Wisely

Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot that goes into choosing the garden ornaments that go into it. It should not be a mere afterthought. This is because these garden ornaments will inevitably have an influence in the way the space looks and functions.

For instance, will you be making use of a gate for your garden entrance? What kind of planters will you be using? Are you going with traditional pots or are you also going to explore the use vertical garden planters? Needless to say, such questions will most definitely affect the design of your space.

As a general rule, your ornaments should come together nicely. Make sure that you have a theme in mind and commit to it.

This article presents readers with a couple of garden decor ideas. Make sure to keep these things in mind when you find yourself developing an outdoor space.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Things To Include In Your Gardening Gift Basket

Giving gifts can always prove challenging especially if you have no idea what the person likes. On the other hand, if your friend is into gardening, then you should have no trouble at all. This article presents readers with a list of the things you should definitely include in your friend’s gardening gift basket.

All the things presented in this article are the stuff of every gardener’s dreams. Getting them this stuff would surely make their day, and you do not even have to break the bank to do it.

Gardening Gear

Gardening may be their passion but this does not mean that they should do it with shoddy tools. That is why you should think in practical terms. Any gardener would surely appreciate it as good tools are indispensable for this particular field. Listed below are just a couple of things that you can get them:

  • Gardening Gloves
  • Galvanized steel watering cans
  • Wheelbarrows

The list above may seem mundane but they are surely useful. Of course, this is not to say that there is a shortage of elegant-looking gear on the market today. After all, those Gardening Gloves can be made from fine leather making them both functional and attractive. At the same time, there are also Antique Watering Cans made from copper which exude an undeniable air of elegance.

Seeds & Bulbs

This is another fine addition to your gift basket. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with seeds as any gardener would appreciate it. After all, they are always looking for ways to add more plants to their garden.

You have no shortage of options. For instance, you can choose an heirloom vegetable seed set that contains no less than 10,000 seeds. Needless to say, this is a gift that will last a long time. Alternatively, you can also give them a more practical seed set in the form of medicinal seed kit which contains seeds for various herbs and flowers with healing capabilities.


This should go well together with your other gifts. Aside from additional plants, gardeners simply cannot say no to more planting space. Planters give them that opportunity and more. After all, they will need extra space for all the seeds that you gave them.

That being said, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration before purchasing a planter for your gift basket. The most important of these would be the pot’s weight. Keep in mind that aside from the mass of the pot itself, you will also have to take into account the soil, the plant, and the water that seeps into it.

For most people, these planters come in the form of clay pots. However, readers should understand that this is not their only choice. In fact, planters come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. You can even make one from scratch if you are feeling up to the task.

These are just a few of the popular gardening gift basket ideas. We guarantee that your gardener friend will love the things included in this article.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3 Awesome Gardening Gifts for Mom

It is never a bad time to give our moms something to show our love for them. After all, she is a very special person who truly deserves everything and so much more. Of course, you can go the usual route and give her a card and some flowers. However, we all know that you can do much better than that.

If moms and gardeners have something in common then it would probably be their nurturing spirit. It takes a special kind of person to bring life into this world to take care of it with all their being. When you think of it, raising kids is similar to taking care of one’s garden in that regard. Both endeavors will demand a lot of time, effort, and patience.

The best way to show your mom some love and gratitude is to give her something that is both practical and fun. Hopefully, it will be something that is connected to her interests as well. With that in mind, this article presents readers with a couple of awesome ideas to give as gardening gifts for moms

Garden Bird Feeder

It should be stated here that gardeners don’t just love and care for the plants in the gardens. This love also extends to animals that come and visit there too. Of course, if they had to pick a favorite, then the wild birds would probably it.

Aside from typical birdhouses as gifts, we recommend that you give your mom a bird feeder for her garden. There is certainly no shortage of these products on the market today as they come in all shapes and sizes. However, as a general rule, you need to pick one that best fits with the garden’s design and aesthetic. That should not be too hard, just pay attention to the type of planters, pots, and plants she has on hand.

Succulent Pots & Plants

Needless to say, gardener moms would surely appreciate it if you gave them a new plant or two. The best thing about it is that they would love these plants regardless of the time of the year that you gave it.

Of course, there is surely no shortage of plants to choose from. However, if we were to make a suggestion then we would tell you to pick up a couple of succulents. They require little to no maintenance and they come in a number of different varieties. That being said, you will surely have no trouble choosing one that she will like.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a Succulent Terrarium Kit. This is a DIY gift that you and your mom can do together. It can even become a chance for you to spend some quality bonding time together.

Skin Care Products

All moms deserve to be pampered. If she is the gardening type, then make sure to remind her to take care of her skin. All that time in the sun can easily dry out one’s skin, so make sure to get her some nice moisturizing soap to restore her skin’s shine.

These are just a couple of great gift ideas for gardener moms. Make sure to give these a try, your mom would love you all the more for it.

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