Saturday, March 17, 2018

Two Great Gifts for Gardeners

Your gardener friends are just like everybody else, they love getting gifts. Of course, most people would have no idea where to begin as they find the very prospect challenging, to say the least. This is because there is a common misconception that gardeners are hard to shop for, when, in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Potted Fruit Plants

No gardener can ever say no to new plants. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend for people to gravitate towards perennial plants and potted fruit plants.  These little trees are the perfect gift for your gardener friend because of the fact that they can be planted at virtually any time of the year.

Now, as you know, there is a wide variety of these plants. To save you the trouble of making a list and researching it, we are here to give you our recommendation. So without further ado, we suggest the Black Raspberry Plant. These plants are perfectly suitable for any type of climate as they have been known to thrive in both warmer and colder temperatures.

Alternatively, you can also give them a Miracle Berry Plant. These berries are incredible all on their own. In fact, they have been lauded for their amazing taste and their ability to turn sour flavors into a sweet. Just take note that this particular plant can be hard to come by and bush itself can be a bit pricey, so make sure to give it to someone who would truly appreciate this special plant.

Vertical Growing Space

No matter how large the person’s garden is, a real gardening enthusiast will always be in need of more gardening space. Of course, this does not mean buying additional parcels of land for your friend. That would not only be impractical, it would also be downright expensive. Instead, we suggest a better alternative: the gift of vertical gardening.

There are a number of ways to do this. For instance, there are pocket hanging gardens available on the market today which lets you pot plants into rows pockets arranged vertically. However, this is not your only option as these vertical planters come in a number of different variations.

That being said, you need to pay close attention to the material used for the planters. After all, you would not want it to be flimsy. Instead, you want something that can hold the weight of the soil, the plant, and the additional water it will inevitably absorb. Needless to say, these things need to be sturdy enough.

Additionally, it is should be stated here that you can also opt to make something like this yourself. That is if you wish to give the gift a more personal touch. No doubt that they would appreciate something that you put yourself into.

This article seeks to help our hapless readers by providing some ideas regarding great gifts for gardeners. Make sure to give these gifts a look to see if there is anything that might interest your gardener friends.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cool Garden Ideas that You Can Try

Nowadays, people are making the most of the outdoor space available to them. One of the best things you can do with it is to turn it into a garden. Of course, like with any other part of your home, your garden should your unique personality. Moreover, you should do your best to make it look cool. After all, you want something you can truly be proud of.

This article seeks to help with that. It provides readers with a couple of cool garden ideas that anyone can try. Take a gander at these and we guarantee that you will be inspired by them. Not only are these ideas incredibly simple and affordable, they can also add quite a bit of character to your home garden.

DIY Raised Flower Bed

These elevated beds give you a bit more flexibility when it comes to how you want the layout of your garden to look. This way, you will have more control with regard to the design and placement of the different plant different things. It is also worth mentioning that these also provide exceptional drainage, which your plants need.

The best thing about these beds is that they are incredibly easy to make. All it takes is some rudimentary drilling skills and a bit of elbow grease. The materials you will need are available in most hardware stores, so there is no need to worry about all of that. Here are the supplies you will be needing:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Small sledgehammer
  • Drill
  • 7/64 #8 counter sink bit
  • # 3 – 3 1/2 exterior screws
  • # 2 – 2 1/2 Exterior screws
  • 1 bundle of Wooden Stakes (18″ to 24″)
  • Wooden Boards measuring 2×6.

The type of wood is a prime consideration when buying the stakes and boards. For our purposes, pine and cedar would be the perfect choice. However, just make sure that you purchase untreated wood as you would not want any dangerous chemicals seeping into your soil to damage the plants. To make things even easier for you, we suggest that you have the wood cut at the hardware store so that you can save some time and effort.

Repurposing Old Materials for Planters

The dominant trend for gardens nowadays is to make the most of the materials already on hand. This means that there is really no need to purchase new planters for your garden. Instead, you can make use of the broken things lying around in your house. This includes everything from old tires, broken pottery, discarded bicycles to pretty much anything you can think of.

Not only is this the environmentally-friendly thing to do, it also gives your garden a bit more character. That being said, you just need to ensure that you give the material you will be using a good cleaning before you start stuffing it with soil.

These are just a couple of cool garden ideas that you should definitely give a try.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How To Setup A Zen Garden

Zen gardens are an extremely popular addition to any household. They serve as an effective way to clear your mind, helping you become more organized and serene in the face of everyday problems. While best known for its minimal designs, it would be misleading to say that Zen gardens are devoid of decorations.

This article seeks to help you with that by providing some tips which will surely come in handy. These are to help you create a relaxing little getaway right in the comfort of your own home.

Plan Accordingly

Like with any home garden projects, you need to have a well-thought-out plan that you can follow. After all, while they all possess striking similarities and general characteristics, every Zen Garden should be unique. This simply means that you need to conceptualize what you want it to look like and start from there.

The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the size of the garden itself. This is a major aspect of any project as it will dictate not only the type of materials you will need but also the quantity you will be needing. After all, overspending should never be an option.

You should also think about the type of mold you will be using for the sand itself. Ideally, you would want to shift the sand around to help you relax but it would certainly do you no good if it scatters all over the place. The mold is also vital in terms of ensuring that the sand stays firmly in place. Moreover, it will dictate the general shape of the garden itself.

Selecting the Garden’s Elements

Needless to say, sand is probably the most important element of any Zen Garden. However, it is far from being its sole component. Presented below are just some of the things you simply need to get.

  • Stones – You can never go wrong with adding some stones and pebbles to your garden. However, the last thing you want is for the stones to clutter the garden itself. The general principle here should be the careful placement of these rocks to help accentuate the general feeling of serenity you are trying to evoke.
  • Plants – The entire idea behind these gardens is to create a feeling of balance. That being said, it would certainly be a great idea to add some plants to help give the space some positive energy. You can try placing bright flowers or some dark green plants. You can also use these plants as a means to divide the garden into several sections.
  • Lighting – No garden is complete without great lighting. The right lighting choices will not only make useable during nighttime, it also helps create the ideal mood for you to relax and clear your mind.

This article presents a few useful tips for Zen garden construction. Hopefully, these will make the entire process that much simpler. Keep in mind that the conceptualization and the construction of the space are vital. Once that is out of the way, you will be on your way to a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tips When Buying Concrete Statues

Regardless if you are going to invest on a tiny gnome or a large croc that you are going to place somewhere under the tree, it is imperative to know exactly what kind of concrete statue you are going to have in your home. It is quite common for a lot of homeowners to buy a number of concrete statues in order to add appeal to their front yard. However, it is quite common for a lot of first-timers to make several mistakes along the way.

So what are the things that you should always consider? Here are some tips that can help improve your choice when it comes to buying concrete statues.

Know your budget

First, you will need to have a budget buying statues. Are you going to buy two small statues or invest on a medium-sized concrete statue? There are many options out there. And the good thing about this is that it can also cater to different homeowners with different preference and budget when it comes to their concrete statues.

Start with a theme

You also want to start with a theme. Be sure that you are going to know exactly what you want your garden to look prior to buying the concrete statues. It is usually a mistake of many homeowners to buy statues that look good on the seller’s website. Consider different factors such as the plants and the space that you have in your yard.

Know where you are going to place the statues

You also want to know where exactly you want to place the statues. This is where planning comes in handy. You want to check the space that you have in your garden. You also want to ensure that the open spaces have a stand out statue.

Think about functionality

How exactly can a statue become functional all of a sudden? A lot of people tend to look at the possibility of using their statue for different things. For instance, you can have a statue that can hold the welcome sign for your home. In addition to this, you can also ask the security camera installers to use the statue to discretely hide the camera in your home.

Always consider safety

You also have to think of safety if you ever try to buy concrete statues. Keep in mind that if it crashes and it hits someone or something, it can do some damage. You want to assess the durability of the concrete statues that you are planning to buy. Also, you may want to ask an expert if he can install the statues properly. There are homeowners who even bury the base of the statue in order to ensure that it won’t get knocked around by the wind.

Whether you are going to buy a small or a large statue, always make sure that you follow these tips. These tips can help you maximize your garden’s space and even help improve the overall look of your home. In addition to this, you avoid wasting your money on things that really don’t work on your garden’s theme.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Benefits of Having Botanical Gardens

A lot of homeowners today invest in botanical gardens in their property. In fact, it can be a good thing since it adds beauty and even give you some peace of mind. For a lot of people, they take the time and effort in order to make their garden beautiful. By reading information online and just by watching free YouTube videos, it is possible to have a botanical garden according to what you have envisioned. The good news is that having your botanical garden can have its benefits. Botanical gardens in homes can definitely change the way you look at things. Here are some of those benefits.

A hobby

Let’s admit that gardening is a great hobby. It can be a great activity that you can do during your free time. You can go to your garden right before you go to work or you can also go tend to your garden during the weekends. In fact, a lot of retired individuals made gardening their hobby because they really don’t need to leave the house in order to do something productive.

Health benefits

Having a botanical garden in your own home can have its perks especially when it comes to your health. Gardening health benefits are one of the reasons why people choose to have a garden. You can also guarantee that you are going to breathe fresher air as plants can convert carbon monoxide into clean oxygen.

Protect the environment

Everyone should do their part when it comes to protecting the environment. You can help save the environment in your own way just by planting trees and by having an assortment of plants in your home. Other than that, you can also support other forms of life such as bees, butterflies, and other insects.

Have a place to hang out

You can also have a place where you and your friends could hang out. This makes a huge difference especially if you are going to maximize the entire home. You can add tables and even do barbeque during the weekend with the rest of your family and friends.

Decorate the garden according to your preference

You can also decorate the garden in different ways. There are a lot of homeowners who use different botanical garden themes. Could you imagine having your oriental botanical garden in your home? Botanical gardens can look unique. And the good news is that you can use your imagination and make your dream garden a reality.

You can also place different things in your garden. You can have statues and other ornaments that can add to the vibe that you want to achieve in your garden. And of course, you can even make use of these garden statues as a way to hide security features of your house.

Botanical gardens can be considered a great addition to your home. It can be a great thing to have in your house but you have to plan everything well. It also takes a lot of time before you can see a beautiful garden. If you want to have a beautiful garden quick, then you have to make sure that you hire experts.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are an altogether necessary addition to any home. They serve a practical purpose that we simply cannot do without. After all, you can only store so much stuff in your garage and your basement before you run out of space. These sheds offer homeowners a perfect solution to their storage problems.

Of course, when we think of these structures, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the unsightly and cumbersome building in the backyard which all but ruins the property’s aesthetic. To help you avoid that problem altogether, this article presents readers with a couple of tips to help them build the perfect shed for their backyard. It delves into everything you need to take into consideration before you start building and also gives some advice on how to make your shed standout, in a good way.

Know the Building Code

Before you start building your storage shed, it is vital that you have a plan to work with beforehand. You cannot go about it haphazardly. On the contrary, this project requires careful planning on your part. For instance, you will need to familiarize yourself with the existing deed restrictions, zoning ordinances, and building codes in your area. In some places, you may even be required to acquire a building permit before you can start with your project.

While dealing with bureaucratic red tape may be cumbersome, it is wholly unavoidable. So, do yourself a favor and deal with the boring stuff as early as possible.

Design Considerations

Aside from that, homeowners also need to remember that the importance of these sheds goes far beyond their practical function. This is because their appearance will have an inevitable impact on the overall flow and aesthetic of the entire property.

That being said, the choice of design should complement the rest of your home perfectly. For instance, if you want your shed to have a rustic design, then consider using wooden boards and batten. This would go together with any country-style house. In addition to this, the architecture of the shed itself should complement the main property.

Ideal Placement

In addition to all of these, it is vital that you consider the placement of the shed carefully. It should become part of the landscape. Remember that the last thing you want is for the structure to stick out like a sore thumb.

You can get around this problem in a number of different ways, you just have to be creative about it. One of the best solutions is the smart use of plants. These will help the shed blend into the yard. For instance, putting in raised garden beds around the structure helps make its location seem more organic. Concurrently, homeowners can also adorn its walls with vines as another way of softening its appearance.

This article presents readers with a couple of useful tips to help them with build their storage sheds. The tips should help make the shed more appealing and less of an eyesore. Hopefully, these should make the process simpler and easier overall.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches will always make a good addition to any outdoor space, whether it is for a garden, an outdoor dining space or a patio. After all, these pieces serve not only a practical purpose but also an aesthetic one. Of course, with the overwhelming number of options available, choosing the right outdoor bench is easier said than done.

This article seeks to help with that particular problem. It serves as a guide for choosing an outdoor bench by breaking down some important things that you need to take into consideration before committing to a particular bench.

Comfort Should Be Your Priority

A cursory glance at the online market would probably tell you that outdoor benches come in a myriad of different forms, shapes, and sizes, from the conventional to the downright bizarre. Perhaps you have seen the type of chairs we are referring to. For instance, some of these contraptions closely resemble slingshots. While you can technically sit on them, you probably won’t if you had any other choice seeing as they are incredibly uncomfortable to begin with.

Prospective buyers need only to remember the primary purpose of these benches. You want to be able to sit on them comfortably for extended periods of time. That being said, you should always try sitting on the pieces yourself before making any purchase just to be sure.

Consider Your Materials

One of the things you should take into consideration when shopping for outdoor benches is the material they are made from. This can not only affect the entire seating experience, but it also affects other things such as longevity, maintenance, and portability.

  • Wrought iron and Steel Benches – These benches are incredibly sturdy and can last for a very long time. However, you may be required to put on a fresh coat of paint and perform additional weatherproofing if you wish to avoid rusting.
  • Plastic and PVC Benches – Benches made from these construction materials are perhaps the most affordable option. They are also highly popular due to the fact that they are very easy to clean and maintain. A bit of soap and water would be enough to do the job. Aside from that, it is also worth mentioning that these benches are rustproof and lightweight.
  • Rattan and Wicker Benches – This is perhaps the most eco-friendly option available to you considering that they are made from grass. However, the resin finish is practically a requirement when it comes to this type of bench. The additional protective coating is vital if you want the chair to last longer in the elements.
  • Wooden Benches – There is a reason why wood remains one of the most popular furniture materials out there today. It is because wood looks great anywhere. In addition to that, they are also incredibly sturdy and comfortable. When looking at wooden benches, make sure to choose weather-resistant materials like redwood, cypress, teak, and cedar.

This article presents readers with a couple of tips to help them choose the right outdoor bench for their needs. Hopefully, this will make the entire shopping process that much simpler and easier.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a highly popular addition to any outdoor space. The way the wind makes these accessories tinkle and the relaxing sound they make them an extremely popular accessory. Any garden, patio or balcony would certainly be made all the better for it.

That being said, while choosing a wind chime seems like a straightforward enough task, there are actually a number of things that you need to take into careful consideration. After all, these chimes come in all manner of shapes and sizes. This article makes things easier for readers by providing a brief overview of the things you need to look into when choosing a wind chime for your garden.


Most people do not realize that wind chimes are made up of several elements. First, there is the suspension cord. This is usually made from such kind of synthetic materials designed for outdoor use. Since the chimes will be exposed to the elements, it is vital that the cord itself is made as durable as possible.

In addition to that, there is also the ring hook which is used to isolate the chimes suspension cord from the hanger. Most chimes also make use of a suspension platform made from wood, metal, or plastic materials.

Of course, while the elements presented above are vital in terms of helping secure the chimes in place, they are usually considered to be the secondary parts of the wind chime itself. The primary elements are as follows

  • Sail – This is responsible for catching with wind
  • Tubes and finish – The most prominent element of the wind chime, tubes can be made from a wide range of different materials including aluminum, glass, steel, bamboo, and different kinds of wood. Keep in mind that the type of material will have an inevitable effect on the sound the chime produces.
  • Striker – This is the part that strikes the tubes which produce the sound.

Things to Consider

Now that we have a better idea of the chimes’ different elements, let us now delve into the different things one needs to take into consideration.

  • Number of tubes – As a general rule, the higher the number of tubes, the higher the number of notes it can play. Remember that these tubes will interact with one another. As the wind strikes, they create a cacophony of sound and generate different harmonies.
  • Tube Material – The sound the chimes make is heavily affected by the material used for the tubes. For instance, steel and aluminum tubes produce a sharp tone while tubes made of copper make a more mellow sound. On the other hand, Bamboo and wooden tubes tend to make a hollow sound.
  • Tube Finish – The chime’s aesthetic appeal is greatly affected by the finish used on its tubes.

This article presents readers with a breakdown of everything you need to know about wind chimes. It explains all of its basic components. It also explains how they can affect the sound and look of the chimes. Make sure to keep these things in mind for future reference.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Things You Need to Consider When Getting Garden Statues

A lot of homeowners invest a lot of time and effort in order to make their garden look stunning. Aside from the plants that you can place in your garden, you also have to consider the fact that you should pay close attention to the details that can accentuate parts of your garden. That’s where garden statues enter the picture. Over the years, a lot of people buy garden statues for different reasons. But if you really want to maximize the use of garden statues in your home, here are some guidelines that you may want to follow.

Always have a theme

You want to always have a theme when it comes to your garden. This way, you will know exactly which type of garden statues are you going to invest on. Are you going to buy a garden gnome coupled with other animals such as reptiles? These statues won’t complement each other.

Instead, what you want is to have a plan first. Perhaps, you want to buy the statues after you have fixed your garden. Also, be sure to stick to just one theme. Do you choose animals over gnomes? Or is it the other way around?

Concrete over bronze statues

Concrete statues are way better than bronze statues in terms of durability. This means that it can withstand the elements better than metallic objects. Unfortunately, a lot of people still invest in metallic statues. In addition to this, you also have to consider that concrete statue are actually cheaper.

Only have a few ones

You also have to make sure that you just have a few statues in your garden. The last thing that you want to happen is to overpopulate the garden with a number of statues. Keep in mind that the statues should just be an accent in your home.

Choose the best spots to place the statues

Also, you may want to place the statues where it can complement the garden. Perhaps, if you have a pond, why not make use of a fish statue? Or maybe, you can even add a crocodile statue or even an angel?

Trees can also be a great location where you can place the statues. You can play around with the idea of having a gnome by the base of the three or have it hanging. You can also have a statue of a frog especially if you are going for animal themed statues.

If you are serious about buying large statues, it is a good idea to choose the open spaces in your home.  Here, you can play around with different sizes of garden statues.

Making the most out of your garden can be a challenge. Statues can have its way to improve the aesthetics of your garden. You want to make sure that you consider these things in order to also save money. But of course, never forget to have fun if you are going to invest in garden statues. You can check online for different options and see which theme is best for your home.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Common Mistakes in Your Outdoor Lighting

If you are going to install outdoor lighting for your home, keep in mind that it should meet few basic functions. One, it should allow you to see where you are going. Anyone getting in and out of the house should be able to get cross the yard safely without tripping on anything. Next, it should be able to add beauty to your yard as it can accentuate your outdoor space, especially at night. And lastly, the outdoor lighting should be able to light the house in order to alert the thieves that someone is at home.

So what are the most common mistakes that you will commit along the way if you are going to buy outdoor lighting?

Not having a plan

The first thing that you have to understand when it comes to anything that involves installation in your house is to have a plan. You want to make sure that it is going to compliment the outdoor space. Next, you want to also choose from the different types of lighting options. What kind of bulb do you prefer?

Also, you want to make sure that the electrical lines have a clear plan. Schematic should be well planned in order to ensure that everything is going to be installed correctly and safely.

Choosing lights that are too bright

You don’t want to have a spotlight in your house. Instead, you just want something that is subtle. Yes, you don’t have to replicate the light during daytime. Keep in mind that other people are also sleeping and your lights might be too distracting for the neighborhood.

Not knowing where to focus

Your light should be focused on something that can showcase your outdoor design. Try to talk to your landscaping expert which part of your garden is the best place to focus the light on. As rule of thumb, you want to avoid focusing on growing foliage. Also, you may want to choose the colored lights in order to accentuate parts of your garden.

Not thinking of functionality

Lighting should also not be distracting on your part. You don’t want to park your car at night with lights pointing towards your eyes. Rather, you want the lights to be aimed at the path where you are going to park the car. Also, you don’t want to overdo the lighting as well.

Not having the necessary timer

Not having a timer in your lighting can cost a lot of money. What you want is to have a timer that will automatically shut off in the morning. Better yet, you want something that can automatically turn on or off depending on the presence of light. This means that it will automatically shut off once there is enough daylight.

A lot of people are confused about the outdoor lighting that they are supposed to purchase. The reality is that there are people committing so many mistakes when it comes to their choices. Try to take a closer look at these mistakes and avoid them as much as you can. You will be surprised how much improvement you will see in your home’s aesthetics at night.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Outdoor Thermometers

It is better to know the outdoor temperature, it lets you become aware of the weather. A thermometer is a device that is used to measure temperature or the temperature gradient. It has two important elements, a temperature sensor and conversion that changes the temperature reading to a numerical value.

Everyone checks the outside temperature, each household needs an accurate thermometer. There are different types of outdoor thermometers available on the market!

Analog Clock or Thermometer Combos

This is a combination of a clock and thermometer, this is beautiful to decorate a garden, a deck, pool or porch with one of these. It reflects the time and humidity at a glance.

Analog Thermometer or Hygrometer Combos

You can beautifully decorate your home, deck, garden, or porch with this fashionable thermometer. At a glance, you can determine the temperature and humidity.

Classical Dial Thermometer

This thermometer uses a bimetallic spring-like coil that is attached to a pointer. When the temperature increases or decreases, the pointer rotates around a fixed dial.

Classical Tube Thermometer

These bulb-like thermometers measure the temperature through a glass tube sealed with a liquid that will expand or contract when the temperature increases or decreases.

Digital and Wireless Thermometer

This digital thermometer offers an easy and readable displays. It can be used to detect indoor and outdoor temperature and barometric pressure measurements.

Digital Clock and Thermometer Combos

This digital thermometer offers an easy and readable displays. It can be used to detect indoor and outdoor temperature and displays the time.

Handheld and Pocket Thermometers

This device is handheld, yet the sensor is located outside the case to ensure that it measures air, not in your hand nor in your pocket.

Galileo Thermometers

This is a great accent piece for a desk or as a focal point for conversation. This is made out of glass cylinders with glass floats that rise and fall according to the temperature.

Traditional Analog Thermometers

This thermometer uses materials that change the temperature reading when it is heated or cooled.

Web or Alert Thermometers

When the temperature, humidity, precipitation, and weather exceeds the normal limit, it will send an alert email or SMS text message.

What is the best outdoor thermometer on the market today?

Ambient Weather WS-04 Wireless Thermometer

This thermometer can measure the indoor and outdoor temperatures, it has a smart display that can be easily readable and accurate. It does not need any programming, only a battery to be inserted into the base and remote. You can place the display on a desk or mount it on a wall for easy readings.

We suggest placing the display near the front door so that you can get a good reading of the temperature before you go outside of your home. It is best to know the temperature before you step outside.

Top-rated thermometers are popular since they are easy to install, cost-friendly, and accurate. It is a smart choice to purchase top-rated outdoor thermometers, it will surely stand the test of time!

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