Thursday, November 22, 2018

Things to Consider Before Getting Indoor Thermometers

A lot of the things that we do are going to be dictated by temperature. In fact, it is important to find out about the temperature simply because it can affect our comfort or how we do our daily lives. Could you imagine not having any idea what the temperature is outside? You will simply be guessing about the clothes that you wear.

If you will ask someone from the agriculture sector about why they’d buy both outdoor and indoor thermometers, it is because of the fact that temperature can drastically affect the way plants live. So what are the things that you will need to remember before you even invest in an indoor thermometer?

What’s the use of the thermometer?

It is important to first know exactly what is the use of the thermometer? Do you plan on using it for your home just so you will be comfortable and you will know when to crank the AC? You will have to know the exact use of the thermometer. There are some thermometers that can give you other features from humidity and other factors as well. Now, if you are planning to grow crops, then perhaps, you want something like this.


You will also have to take a closer look at the precision of the thermometer. If you are planning to use the thermometer in storing items or in making sure that your crops are going to grow according to your plan, then perhaps, you want something that is accurate. A lot of exact thermometers today are actually just small and compact making sure that you don’t have a difficult time keeping it.

There are also those thermometers that can provide you with both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This way, you can easily read the temperature whether you are used to using the metric or English system.

User-friendly Design

You also want to make sure that the thermometer is user-friendly. For a lot of thermometers that are on the market, there are those that have high performance and advanced features but takes a bit of time in order for you to figure out. What you want is something that has a self-explanatory design. This can prevent confusion along the way.

Other functions

If you are really the type of consumer who wants to get the best value for his money, then you would also want to check the other features that are offered by the thermometers. There are some of those thermometers that allow you to connect on different devices in order for you to get notified about the reading.


Lastly, you will have to check your budget. How much money are you looking to spend on a thermometer? Keep in mind that there are some thermometers that are cheap and could already get the job done.

There are different uses for a thermometer. You will have to take into consideration these things first before you even buy one. This way, you can get the best value for your money and it is also going to meet your expectations and needs.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

What are Tiki Statues?

Tiki Statues are small figurines or garden statues that depict a man with a big, scary mouth with a menacing expression that is used to scare evils away.

From the history of Tiki, it came from the mythology of the Māori society. Tiki was the first man-made by Tāne, the god of forests and of birds, or Tūmatauenga, the god of war, food cultivation, hunting, cooking, and fishing. Tiki found Marikoriko, the first woman, and became the father of their daughter, Hine-Kau-ataata.

The Tiki’s history is dated back to the time of ancient Polynesia. It is an essential part of the culture, history, and mythology of the South Pacific.

Just like other religions, the society of Māori believes that Tiki is the first man created. There are two stories of Marikoriko, her wife. Legends have said that Tane created a wife for Tiki, others have stated that Tiki mixed his own blood with clay and created her wife out of it. Another kind of the story was he craved for a companion when he saw his reflection on a pond, he dove into the pond which made him cover the pond with dirt, by which a female partner was created.

The reason for having a number of variations with the story of Tiki because of the number of cultures who paid tribute to him.

There are several Tikis that were named or manifests the tradition of Tiki in the tradition of the Māori society.

• The creator of birds is Tiki-tohua
• The creator of fish and the bird, tui, is Tiki-kapakapa
• The creator of humanity is Tiki-auaha
• The creator of the kūmara is Tiki-whakaeaea

Their ancient followers worshipped them through chants, prayers, and human sacrifice. Tiki carvings are the oldest forms of art, and each of the carvings is unique from each other. Each of the Tikis is introduced from each island culture, those Tikis that are carved by the high-ranking tribesmen are all considered powerful and sacred. However, those that are not carved by the high-ranking tribesmen are only used as a decoration.

Tikis are made out of woods or stones. One of the most famous Tiki statues in the world can be found on Easter Island, which is situated in the Pacific Ocean. It is the most remotely inhabited island in the world, the island was known for its name Te Pito or Te Henua, which means “The Center of the World”.

Tiki statues have been taken into mass popularity. Today, Tiki has become a representation of the era and culture, which includes the style of creativity of the Polynesian people. Tiki decorations first became popular when it was brought to Los Angeles as a decoration of a bar. By then, it became a decoration for garden and lawn.

The Tiki statues, poles, masks depict more of humanity, the origin, and their emotions. We offer a large collection of Tiki statues that can make your garden and yard exquisite. Let us not forget the scowling Gods.

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Things You Should Know When Buying Water Fountains

Having a garden can be a good thing. In fact, if you want to make sure that your garden looks aesthetically pleasing, you will need to buy ornaments and other accessories that can accentuate the plants that you have. One of the best options that you can have in your own garden is a water fountain. Water fountains can be a good thing since it can also be a centerpiece in your garden. But before you commit to buying one, here are a few things that you may have to know first.

Always consider the sound of the water feature

One of the things that people overlook is the sound of the water fountains. You have to make sure that you listen closely to the water fountain before you decide to buy one. If it sounds irritating, then you shouldn’t have it in your home.

You don’t need a continuous water supply

The thing with water fountains is that you will not need a consistent water supply. This means that you will just have to add water every now and then especially when the temperature is quite high. However, since the water fountains are self-contained, you really don’t have to worry too much about this.

Source of power

The water fountains will only work when there is a water pump. Of course, you will have to consider what powers the water fountain. There are new water fountains on the market that are being powered by solar energy. But of course, you will have to pay more for these types of water features.

Maintenance is a must

You always have to make sure that you are going to take a closer look at the water fountain if it is already becoming smelly or if it is already developing slime. Be sure that you are going to drain the water feature every now and then. During the winter, you might want to pay close attention to this because this is the time when it tends to become slimy faster. By making sure that the water feature is well maintained, you are prolonging the life of your water fountain.

Consider the placement

You will also have to consider the placement of your water fountain. Where exactly do you plan to have it in your garden? You would want to take a closer look at the open spaces that you have in your garden. Also, it also helps if the water fountain becomes the centerpiece.

Do you like modern or do you like the classic look?

The look of your fountain ultimately depends on the material. If you have a bronze fountain, it is most likely a modern looking water fountain. On the other hand, if you have a water fountain with a stone finish, it is going to blend easily with plants without any effort.

Gardens can be a great addition that you can have in your home. But of course, if you are serious about having a fountain in your home, it is always a good idea that you consider all these things first. This way, you will minimize mistakes along the way.


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Sunday, October 21, 2018

How to Pick Easy and Simple Birdhouse Plans

A lot of people would love to build a birdhouse on their own. It can be a special time for the whole family as everybody can have a part in a fun DIY project. Moreover, it is a chance to save money as it is definitely less expensive than buying a ready-made one. Finding easy and simple birdhouse plans is what this post is all about.

Building a birdhouse might seem tricky especially if you are not really confident about your wood crafting skills. The truth is that you can pull off building excellent and special birdhouses even if you are not an avid carpenter. All that you need is a good plan and you will be good to go.

Why Do You Need Simple Birdhouse Plans?

You might think that you can design and build your birdhouse but the truth is that this is easier said than done. You might not be able to see all the detailed parts and this can make your job so much more difficult and will also affect the quality of the outcome.

Of course, you can go for a ready-to-use birdhouse kit. But the good ones are not cheap. If this is the first time you are working with wood, you might want to practice with the help of a cheaper option.

How to Find Birdhouse Plans?

Any of the below links are good to find excellent birdhouse plans. Most avid carpenters and woodwork lovers will upload pictures of their plans and how they turned out to be. This will help you see and imagine how your birdhouse will look after it is finished. These plans can be found on craft, hobbies and carpentry websites. Some of these plans are free but you might have to pay for others.

Before you make up your mind, you might want to think about the birds that are most likely going to use your birdhouse.

There are a few things that you can look out for when you are picking your plan. It should include some strategically placed holes for drainage. These will keep your nest dry and healthy for your birds. You should prioritize your bird’s health.  These should be small and near the corners so that they don’t bother the adult birds or the fledglings.

You should also make sure that the simple birdhouse plans include ventilation holes to allow some fresh air to come in. These are either created by shortening the sides or by drilling some holes on the upper side of the walls. There should be no ventilation holes in the roof itself to avoid wetting your birds in case of rain.

Get Advice from Fellow Builders

A good-looking plan is not always the most practical ones. If you can check reviews to see how others found it after execution. Is it really useful for the birds you want to host? Is the opening the appropriate size or do you have to alter it? Moreover, the birdhouse design should allow for easy cleaning to make sure that it stays healthy.

Online forums are usually very helpful because you get to hear about the birdhouse experience from real people. You might want to join a group to post your questions and look out for recommendations. You might think that building your bird house is a difficult job, but the simple birdhouse plans in the links above can make the job easy and fun.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Why You Should Use A Room Thermometer

A thermometer is an equipment that measures the gradient of the temperature of an environment. The thermometer has two essential components, namely: the temperature sensor, and the scale that uses a numerical value.

Room and indoor thermometers provide the measurement of the temperature in the room. It is important in monitoring the comfort of humans through the thermal status of their environment.  To maintain the comforts of your home, it is best to monitor the air quality of the room.

When the room thermometer is well-monitored, some of the benefits of a quality indoor air are:

It prevents mold formation.

The high humidity level during the summer season can cause mold formation. Molds do not only bring damage to your home, but also a great risk for health problems. Keep the temperature of the room at the recommended level of humidity with the use of room thermometers.

It reduces allergens.

Allergens are produced in the hot and humid environments. Molds and dust mites are the common sources of allergens that can cause allergic reactions. When the room temperature is well-maintained, the possibilities or health problems is decreased.

Sleeping conditions are improved.

It has shown that a comfortable sleeping condition is highly associated with the temperature and humidity of the room. Thus, it is best to know the optimum temperature level, and then maintain and monitor the ideal temperature level throughout the rooms of the house.

The common problems of the humidity and hot air are the following:

Respiratory health problems: An increase of humidity level can lead to an increase in the production of molds and allergens that can lead to possible respiratory health problems.

Properties are harmed and damaged: The structure and materials made to build the property can be potentially damaged by the dust mites or molds. More so, the extremely hot and humid air can lead to heat strokes.

Decreased efficiency in cooling and increased energy bills: The air conditioning system overworks to maintain the cool air of the room.

In order to prevent these common problems and achieve the benefits of a well-maintained air quality of a room, one must have a room thermometer. There is a wide collection of the types of room thermometer that is available in the market.

  • Dual sensor thermometers for indoor and outdoor. The temperature of the outdoor and indoor environment is simultaneously displayed on the monitor of the thermometer. This type of thermometer is cheaper but more durable than the analog thermometers. It can help identify the cause of the alteration on the internal temperature.
  • Analogue thermometers: This is the most well-known room thermometer in the market and the cheapest. It is ideal for home use. It does not require a high maintenance like the dual sensor thermometers. It can measure the degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit of the room.

In picking the best type of room thermometer, one must consider the range, resolution, and accuracy. It is best to know how the thermometer is used and operated to avoid invalid readings.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

St. Francis Statue As Your Garden Decortion

The most popular and most loved saint of the Roman Catholic is St. Francis of Assisi, he is the patron saint of ecology and animals.

St. Francis of Assisi was an Italian preacher, friar, and deacon who founded the Third Order of Saint Francis, the Custody of the Holy Land, the Order of Friars Minor for men, and the Order of Saint Clare for women. Among the religious figures, the figure of St. Francis of Assisi is the most honored.

He was even remembered as alter Christus, which means another Christ, he was devoted to imitate the life and ways of the work of Christ. His character and his kinship for the Eucharist and for the priests that carries out the sacrament is greater than we can imagine.

St. Francis of Assisi greatly believes that the nature reflects God, thus he called and treated all creatures as his sisters and brothers. More so, he even preached to the birds. One of his beliefs include that all creatures should praise Christ, and it is the people’s responsibility and obligation to protect the nature and enjoy it.

As Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron of merchants, ecology, and animals. He is also considered to be the patron Saint of animal welfare societies; of birds; against fire, patron Saint of the places Denver of Colorado; Assisi of Italy; Freising of Germany; Italy; Kottapuram of India; Lancaster of England; Massa of Italy; Metuchen of New Jersey; Nambe Indian Pueblo; San Francisco of California; Santa Fe of Mexico; San Pawl il-Bahar of Malta; and Sorbo-Italy.

Most statue of St. Francis of Assisi includes birds, this is because St. Francis preach birds and encourage the birds to praise God for the beauty He has given. There are stories from legends that when he spoke with the birds, they will keep silent as if they are listening to him, and only leaves when they were dismissed by St. Francis of Assisi.

There is also a representation of St. Francis of Assisi with a wolf. It was when an incident happen in the village where he lived, a wolf attacked a children. As the wolf attacks the children, he asked the villagers not to kill the wolf, but instead he talked to it. After he met and spoke the wolf, it left the children unharmed and took it as a pet in the village.

A representation of St. Francis of Assisi in your garden adds serenity, more so it brings a lovely concept to the garden. Being the patron saint of ecology and animals, a statue of St. Francis of Assisi in your lawn and garden is perfect! We proudly give you a collection of these statues of St. Francis of Assisi that can be suitable for your garden decorations. Stop imagining the sight of this awesomely hand crafted statue of St. Francis of Assisi at your garden or lawn, purchase one now! It will be delightful to see it on your back yard or garden.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Yard Art Ideas and Tips for Homeowners

The yard is one of the first things people notice. This is wholly unsurprising considering the fact that it is one of the most prominent elements of any property. That being said, homeowners must understand that they must put in the time and effort to truly develop and design their outdoor spaces. For that very purpose, this article presents readers with a couple of useful yard art ideas for homeowners.

This should help you on your quest for a better-looking and well designed yard.

Consider Your Personal Preferences When Planning Yard Art

Art is highly subjective. A particular piece can resonate with some people while failing to create the same feeling with others. That is why it is vital that you choose something that fits your personal taste. After all, it is your yard and your yard art should reflect your own personal sense of design.  This leaves the door open for a wide range of design possibilities.

Sticking to Your Theme

While staying true to your personal style is vital, the last thing you want is for your home to become an odd mixture of different styles.  Remember that every piece will complement each other and bring out each other’s positive characteristics. That being said, you should keep the existing theme used for the interior of your home in mind at all times.

Materials Matter

Another important aspect of yard art is the material used for a specific piece. That being said, there is no shortage of sculptures and garden statues being made from a wide variety of materials. For instance, classical pieces are often made from marble and concrete.

Metallic sculptures also remain another popular choice for many homeowners. However, there are also pieces carved directly from limestone as well as other traditional materials like wood.

Keep in mind that the type of material used for the piece will have a major impact not only on its look but also in other equally important aspects as well. For instance, the amount of maintenance work needed on a particular piece depends heavily on the material it is made from.

Stone-based materials often require little to no maintenance while wood and metal will require quite a bit on a fairly regular basis.

Yard Art Location is Vital

While most people see their yard as one singular area in their property, professional designers would tell you that it would actually be wiser to divide it into smaller sections. Good landscape design(1) should help you better decide where to best place a sculpture.

Keep in mind that the location of the piece should bring out its best qualities and not put them out of sight. For instance, larger pieces act are most effective as statement pieces because they can easily serve as the yard’s central focal point as they can easily draw the person’s eye. The same can also be said for abstract sculptures.

More often than not, these sculptures will be examined from all angles and that is why they are commonly placed in the middle of the space.

These are just some tips that homeowners need to remember when looking for yard art.  Needless to say, you should follow these closely for optimal design results.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

3 Things to Consider for your Birdhouse Plans

A birdhouse would make a perfect addition to any garden. Not only does it help accentuate the entire atmosphere of your outdoor space, it also gives our friendly neighborhood birds a nice place to take a load off. However, most people fail to realize that there is actually a significant amount of planning that goes into making these things.

This article seeks to make the process simpler and easier for our readers. It briefly highlights some of the major things that every homeowner needs to take into consideration when making a birdhouse for your garden.

Specific Bird Type

Contrary to popular belief, not all birdhouses are built the same. The dimensions of the structure itself would vary depending on the specific species of birds(1) you want it to cater to. You will want to build a birdhouse that is accessible to the bird while also small enough so that no predators are able to get in. Needless to say, you will need to do some basic research on the most common birds found in your region.

We cannot overstate the importance of the right size and the correct hole dimensions for your birdhouse. Remember, the birdhouse’s interior must be spacious enough so that it can easily accommodate an incubating bird as well as their brood of younglings.


Without a doubt, wood is probably the best material to use for your birdhouse. This is because other materials such as metal or plastic may not be able to provide the level of insulation needed to ensure the survival of the eggs or chicks living in the house. After all, the entire point of the birdhouse is to keep the birds safe from the elements, it just happens that wood is the best choice for that task.

However, it is worth noting that you should never use creosote-treated wood as it could prove fatal to the eggs and the chicks. Instead, we recommend that you give tree sections, 3/4-inch plywood or rough-cut wood slabs a try.

Birdhouse Features

You will also need to have a plan with regards to the structure of the birdhouse you are building. For instance, you will need to figure out a way how to effectively keep that box warm and dry. For that purpose, we suggest that you place the birdhouse roof at a slight angle. You will also need to ensure that it extends over the front and the sides of the main house so that it is protected from snow and dripping water.

It would also be a smart idea to put in a drainage system in the birdhouse itself. To do that, you will need to drill in four, 1/4-inch holes on the floor. This will help the water drain away quickly in the off-chance that any of it is able to seep in.

In addition to this, you should also remember to put in some form of ventilation for the birdhouse. This can be done by drilling a couple of 1/8 to 1/4-inch diameter holes on each side, right below the roof, in order to ensure better air circulation.

These are just some of the ideas you will need to take into consideration as you draw up birdhouse plans for your garden.


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Friday, August 3, 2018

Things To Check When Finding Garden Stores

There are many individuals today looking to improve the overall look of their garden. And one of the best things that you can do is to actually find the best garden store in your area. You will be able to get the things that you need from the usual equipment to the decorations that you will need. The good news is that you can actually get some discounts from garden stores especially when you opt to buy in bulk. Here are some things that you will have to do first before you buy from garden stores in your area.

Compare the price

The first thing that you will have to check is the price. Do they have the best price for the items that they are selling? It is a good idea that you compare with the other stores first before you will stick to a particular store. In fact, you may want to have at least five options before you decide to buy in bulk.

Check the quality of their items

Of course, it isn’t just the price of the items that matter. The quality of the items that you are going to buy will also matter especially if you are looking to use these things for a long period of time. You want to check the brands and see if these items can really hold to your requirements.

Check the availability of the items that you need

You also want to check the availability of the items that you need. Why buy from a single store? For one, you can get discounts when you opt to buy from a single source. Next, it is also possible that you are going to save on shipping and delivery charges if you simply buy the items from one store.

Check the delivery time and cost

How much time is needed for the items that you ordered reach your address? You also want to know if they are particular about their delivery times. There are companies that are actually just doing deliveries once or twice a week. And also, you might want to check the shipping or the delivery fee. There are some stores that offer free shipping depending on the volume of things that you have ordered.

Check the reviews

You may also want to check the reviews of the stores. This way, you will know exactly what to expect from them. Do they have a good number of items for you to choose from? Do they have a good refund policy? Just by reading the reviews, you will be able to figure out whether or not you are dealing with a good or a bad company.

There are many things that you can buy from a garden store that can help improve the way your garden looks. From statues to the fertilizers that you can use, these are just some of the things that you can get for less if you decide to buy in bulk on a single store. With these tips, you can get the best deal from stores.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Expedia Garden Gnome

An Expedia garden gnome or a roaming gnome is quite popular as a garden gnome option. What makes it different and what exactly makes it so popular? It is a popular law ornament mainly because it looks funny. What exactly is a roaming gnome? An Expedia gnome is usually carrying a suitcase. As the name suggests, it became popular with photos of popular places in the world. Whether going to Paris or going to the Grand Canyon, this kind of gnome is known for its active lifestyle.

The history and concept has been around for a very long time. Henry Sunderland photographed one of his garden gnomes when he traveled to Antarctica. From this prank, it has become a popular option for garden enthusiasts all over the world. Are you thinking of having your very own Expedia garden gnome?

The Expedia Garden Gnome is a good luck charm

For starters, it is a good idea that you invest in a garden gnome mainly because it is a good luck charm. It is believed in the past that it watches over your home making sure that everyone is safe. Today, though this belief is no longer that popular, it still serves as a great yard decoration for many homeowners. It can accentuate open areas in your garden or even give you the opportunity to make the tree look good. It can also be placed near the pond and give your garden a bit of a fun vibe.

Welcome your visitors

If you ever want to make sure that your home stays warm especially for the guests, then a garden gnome such as the Expedia gnome can get the job done. You have to remember that gnomes can actually hold a welcome banner to make sure that your guests feel welcome inside your property.

It can be used to install security features

Another reason why you want to have garden gnomes in your home is that you can actually improve your home’s security features. It means that you can easily have cameras discreetly installed in one of the garden gnomes. And because of this, you can see whatever is happening in your home, especially when you aren’t around. This can be a great way to have peace of mind.

Help feed the birds

The garden gnomes can contain some food for the birds(1). This way, you could help birds that are simply passing by your garden looking for a place to rest and a place where they can actually just feed. In return, you can expect the birds to take out pests that can harm your plants. The next thing you know, you have a garden that already has all the necessary flowers and plants.

Investing in a expedia garden gnome can be a good thing. You have to understand that it has many different functions that you can take advantage of. It can be a good luck charm or it can also be something else. And the good news about it is that whether you want to just highlight a part of your home or you want to add a security feature in your home, an Expedia gnome can be a good choice for you.

Check out our Home Decor Blog for more decorating ideas now.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Buying a Turtle Statue For Garden: Create a Special Look

There are homeowners who are spending a lot of money on ornaments for their garden. And this isn’t really surprising. A good number of homes have utilized turtle statues for garden and even happy gnomes to welcome visitors. But what are the basic things that you will have to know first before you invest on the likes of turtle statue for garden?

The ideal look of your garden

What exactly do you really want for your garden to look like? A lot of people don’t actually have any idea what they want their garden to look like. And for this reason, a lot of homeowners are already having problems which type of ornament to pick. A turtle statue for garden is not only meant for ponds. In fact, it also looks good on trees and even on bushes. It is a matter of matching the turtle statues to the beauty of your garden. It is important to take a closer look at the plants that you have used as well as the flowers that you have used.

Know when it is already too much

If you are going to invest in ornaments in your home, be sure that you know when to stop. You don’t want to end up with too many ornaments that already take away the beauty of the greenery in your home. Keep in mind that ornaments are usually accents in your home’s garden. One or two focal points can already make a huge difference.

You also have to evaluate the size of the statue that you are planning to have. As rule of thumb when picking the right ornament, larger turtle statues for garden usually requires large open spaces. You also want to make sure that you group similar structures together. Or perhaps, you can have them in some sort of arrangement that is pleasing to the eyes.


You also have to understand that the functionality of the statue isn’t just for adding beauty to your home’s garden. You also have to take into consideration the possibility of having statues for security purpose. How so? You can have a CCTV camera(1) installed in one or two of your statues. This makes it discreet and it allows you to monitor the things that are happening in your home especially when you are not around.

Setting your budget

You will need to set your statue budget whenever you are going to find yourself buying anything that involves your garden. You will be surprised that you already spent so much money if you are not too careful. You have to evaluate not only the cost but also the materials. There will be instances wherein you will need to restore the statutes eventually. For this reason, you also want to take a closer look at the price of your options. Try comparing at least three options before you stick to a statue.

When it comes to investing in statues especially a turtle statue for garden, you will need to understand that these are some of the things that you will first have to consider to get the best bang for your buck.


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Things to Consider Before Getting Indoor Thermometers

A lot of the things that we do are going to be dictated by temperature. In fact, it is important to find out about the temperature simply be...